Special SPRING 2018 Yoga Grande Challenge - $65 for 4-week challenge or $95 for 8-week challenge (register here, challenge begins in APRIL)

YOGA GRANDE (body positive plus-size yoga)

Set and achieve your health and wellness goals right now THIS spring in a safe and super supportive community of fellow yogis! The theme of this class is "Bloom where you are planted". The beauty of yoga is that it meets us on the mat wherever we are at. No more waiting for the perfect time or perfect weight because the perfect time to practice yoga is right now wherever you are in your life. We will introduce our beautiful bodies to some delicious breathwork, gentle modified poses for larger bodies, and empowering vocalizing & sound healing. Whether you are on a weight loss journey, in recovery, a beginner, or an experienced yogi in a bigger body, this class is tailored to fit your needs and support you on your path. We will also share nutrition strategies and releasing old habits to make room for new SPRINGIER ones.  All levels, ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome!